Why Her? – 왜 오수재인가 (English subtitles)

Why Her? - 왜 오수재인가 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
Doctor Lawyer - 닥터로이어 (English subtitles)

Description: Oh Soo Jae (Seo Hyun Jin)is a talented lawyer and the youngest partner at TK Law Firm, the best law firm in South Korea. Oh Soo Jae is driven by her desire to win casesand also her self-righteous principles. She has lived her life to achieve success, but she gets involved in an unexpected case and she gets demoted to work as an adjunct professor at a law school. At the lawschool, Oh Soo Jae meets Gong Chan (Hwang In Yup).He is a student there. Gong Chan has experienced a painful past, but hestill has a warm heart. He falls in love with Oh Soo Jae and he would do anything for her. Meanwhile, Choi Tae Kook (Heo Joon Ho) is the chairman of TK Law Firm. He would do anything to satisfy his desires, even if it’s illegal or immoral.

Genre:Mystery, Romance
Times:16 Episodes
Release Date:03 June 2022
Production company(s):SBS
Director:Park Soo Jin
Cast:Seo Hyun Jin, Hwang In Yup, Lee Eugene (이유진), Heo Joon Ho, Bae In Hyuk, Jeon Jin Ki

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