Miss Mask Pageant 2 – 尾二一屆口罩小姐選舉

Awaited Flight – 終於飛到LA

Taste Of Satisfaction – 滿足的味道

Beauty Reborn – 靚得起

We are from Fresh Wave 2022 – 鮮浪潮 .語2022

Game Of Valuers – 樓價有得估

Cho Lam Is My Sis – 有個閨密叫祖藍

Super Trio Returns – 開心無敵獎門人

SHOW Woo Fung’s 90th Birthday Celebration – 人生90好楓

Dreaming – 拆你個夢

Love Staycation – 戀愛Staycation

Hong Kong Gold Songs Awards 2021-2022 – 香港金曲頒獎典禮2021-2022

Shanghai AppPacker – 魔都女行

The 40th Hong Kong Film Awards Red Carpet – 第40屆香港電影金像奬頒奬典禮紅地氈盛況

Film Awards Highlight 2022 – 金像璀璨一夜

Stories in the fifth wave of pandemic – 疫情亦情

Caritas Star Studded Charity Show 2022 – 明愛暖萬心

Be the Movie Buff – 金像玩家

Psychic King – 通靈之王

I SWIM Making Of: Final Call – I SWIM 製作特輯:最後召集

Juxtaposed 2022 Fashion Meta – 對比時尚 2022 時裝元宇宙

Greater Bay Area – Starting Line To A Bright Future – 青年灣區職Fun班

25 Years Together – Stability And Prosperity -「境」安港興廿五載

Forever Remembrance – Ni Kuang – 送別倪匡 笑遊時空

Zero or Hero – 運動勇者塔

The North Faces – 巴打秘景遊

United We Stand To Guard Our City – 守護我城.同心同行25載

HKSAR 25th Anniversary Celebrations and Inaugural Ceremony of the 6th-term Government – 慶祝香港回歸祖國二十五周年文藝晚會

Fly Again – 老友再起飛

Say No To Drugs – 脫毒要識DO

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