Again My life – 어게인 마이 라이프 (English subtitles)

My Liberation Diary - 나의 해방일지 (English subtitles)
Green Mother’s Club - 그린마더스클럽 (English subtitles)

Description: This drama is based on novel series “Again My life” by Lee Hae Nal which was published from 2016-May13 to 2016-Nov-10 via Kakao.

It is about a young prosecutor who gets killed while trying to take down a powerful crime boss, but is given a chance to start a new life for justice.

Genre:Crime, Fantasy
Times:16 Episodes
Release Date:08 April 2022
Production company(s):SBS
Director:Han Chul Soo, Kim Yong Min
Cast:Lee Joon Ki, Lee Kyung Young, Kim Ji Eun, Jung Sang Hoon, Choi Kwang Il, Hong Bi Ra

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